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Cover of Got My Dancin' Boots OnGot My Dancin' Boots On

(Jack Hangauer)

Listen to a sample of this song.

A habanera published by Hangauer in 1908 in Butte, Montana. I havenít been able to find any information on Hangauer, except that in addition to Solita (Lonesome), he also published La Sonadora (the Dreamer) and wrote The Sultana Intermezzo, published by Tolbert R. Ingram in Colorado in 1906. The Spanish titles of the first two pieces would lead me to believe that Hangauer could have been from the Southwest, but the fact that they were published in Butte makes that questionable.

The habanera is a rhythm which developed in Cuba in the early 19th century, although its roots can be traced to the Country Dance of 17th century England. Musically, the habanera rhythm is similar to the tango. Possibly the most famous habanera is from Bizetís Carmen, although Bizet borrowed it from El Areglito by Spanish composer Sebastian Yradier, the author of another well-known habanera, La Paloma, which is widely recorded, including a version by Bob Wills.

The form of this piece is similar to a rag (AABBACCDDA) with the trio changing keys to the subdominant, which is common in rags (see Corn Shucks notes ). Although the repeat of the ďAĒ theme at the end is not as common in published ragtime, it is, however, common in live performance. There was a Solita recorded by the Tune Wranglers for Victor in 1938, however, I have not heard it, so I donít know if it is the same piece. I found the sheet music to this piece in an antique store in New Hampshire.

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